Celebs love 'em. Athletes love 'em. And gym-goers who get a chance to experience one swear by 'em. The Power Plate has become the most popular piece of training kit since its arrival a couple of years back, and the company has developed the latest generation.

The pro6 combines cable-resistance and vibration training with a new, proprietary, technology called proMOTION. It consists of two high strength Vectran cables, which transfer up to 80% of vibrations at high-speed frequency rates directly to the muscles of the arms, back, core and shoulders. 

"This is a results-proven system which delivers a true total-body workout", says Guus van der Meer, founder and chairman of Power Plate International. "Now users can perform a virtually limitless range of dynamic training options, making the new pro6 model the ideal choice for any fitness enthusiast".

Of course, it won't do the exercising itself, and it'll still leave each and every muscle feeling like tenderised steak, but it's the ultimate in high-energy acceleration training, and Pocket-lint approves. At least we don't have to pedal.

The pro6 costs £9,395, but what price is your health, eh? And it's available at Harrods. You can also buy one from Power Plate directly, or just find out more, by visiting www.powerplate.com.