We know what you're thinking - baby strollers aren't cool and have no place on Pocket-lint. But that's where you're wrong tech fans, this concept from designers Andrea Hanzl, Claudia Baer, Lisa Grabner and Andrea Seitne shows that strollers can be cool. And by cool we mean John Travolta, Vincent Vega cool, not John Travolta, Danny Zuko cool.

As it's only a concept design at the moment, there's no chance of seeing one of these bad-boys being pushed around Tesco just yet, but it's clear that the babies of the future are going to be travelling in some style.

The Polyvogue (even the name is pretty cool) is designed for children aged 3 and under and folds up to a suitcase size so it can be stored in an aeroplane's overhead storage. So no more waiting around at the carousel while the little ones moan because their legs are tired.

Oh, and don't forget to take out the baby before stowing it in the overhead locker.