The latest GPS navigation system from Navigon, the 2510 Explorer, comes with the company's Sightseeing software pre-installed.

When enabled, the European-specific software notifies drivers of attractions along their route, and points out tourist attractions, with pictures when they are available. In addition, pre-programmed Sightseeing Tours are available for a number of European countries based on the recommendations of route planner ViaMichelin. There are 14 pre-installed routes in 14 countries on the Explorer, but it can also be upgraded with more for £14.95 from the company's online store.

The 2510 itself can also be used by pedestrians, using the company's Last mile function. The software can be used to store the location of a car, and then guide the owner back to the vehicle by foot. The screen's aspect changes as soon as it's held upright and, as it contains an E-Compass, an arrow continually points towards the destination when hand-held. The tourist attraction functionality also works when out and about.

Battery life is a healthy four hours, essential if you've lost your car in the Westfield Shopping Centre, and the Navigon 2510 Explorer will be available at the end of May for £149. Existing 2410 users can purchase a firmware upgrade for 5p short of £40.