The foldable electric bicycle, known as the YikeBike, will be coming to European shores as of this June. The 10kg carbon fibre vehicle can travel at up to 25kph for 10km on a single charge before packing up into a shoulderable bag.

The range might seem small, but the New Zealand company has not so much designed it as a total commuting solution but more as the top and tail of your journey to work - ie, you ride it from home to the train station, fold it up and take it out again at the other end to get you to the office door.

The YikeBike takes 40 minutes to charge and just 20 seconds to fold away plus there's no need to take lights on and off as it's fitted with hi-vis LEDs. The only trouble with this intriguing Penny Farthing-alike for the next generation is that the first flush off the line will set you back £2,995. Fun but at a price.