Launched at the Gadget Show Live 2010 comes a pair of intriguing propositions from Integrated Entertainment Systems Ltd known as the Mi-Hub.

What the UK company has come up with is a, relatively speaking, compact version of a home cinema set up which also happens to double as a TV stand. The boxier model is the Mi-Hub Quantum which sells for £430 in white and £400 in black but, if you fancy something a little more sculpted, the Opus works out as £480/£430 for white or black as desired.

Either way, you get an integrated solution that works as a CD/DVD player, a radio, an AVR and speaker system - as well as a TV stand, of course. What's more, they've also thrown a iPod dock on top for good measure.

The Quantum has 4x10W L/R speakers and 2x20W subs, while the Opus is fitted with 6x10W L/R speakers and another 2 subs. Both machines are also good for karaoke with multiple mic inputs and they also feature all the HDMIs, S-Video, composites, coaxial, SCART and opticals you could want as well as being Dolby certified.

Maybe not one for the purists but an interesting way of sticking it all together in one package.