A new milk jug is hoping to warn milk drinkers whether or not the milk they are about to drink has gone off.

It could easily been seen as an April Fool's joke (We've been told it definitely isn't), but milk seller Cravendale has teamed up with designer Oliver Newberry to create a radical, new, innovative milk jug which will alert people to when their milk has soured.

According to the company, a unique PH sensor is built in to the base of the jug which measures the PH acidity of the jug’s contents and updates the milk drinker via an LCD screen message.

That screen then reads “Fresh” or “Sour” offering a reliable analysis of the milk’s drinkability.

At the moment this is purely a concept design with no launch date set at the moment, but Cravendale has told Pocket-lint that the technology could make it to a standard bottle top, so those that don't use jugs could still benefit.