Iconic Swiss brand Victorinox has announced that it's launching a pair of USB sticks that feature enhanced security features, as well as the regular Swiss Army Knife's blade, scissors, nail file, and ballpoint pen. No toothpick, sadly.

The Victorinox Secure Pro is designed for security and comes in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacities. It features AES256 encryption, which Victorinox claims is "un-hackable" and uses the company's excellently-named "Schnuffi Platform Single Chip Technology" to stop cracking of the hardware. It has a fingerprint scanner, too.

There's also a Presentation Master edition which adds a Bluetooth remote control and laser pointer to the list of features, and a flight-safe mode on each model that comes without a knife. Now for the pricing, which gets complicated. Are you ready?

For an 8GB version, the Secure Pro costs £100, the Presentation Master is £170, and the flight edition shaves £5 off the former, and £8 off the latter. For 16GB, the Secure Pro costs £145 and the Presentation Master is £220. In both cases, the flight edition takes £5 off the price. Lastly, if you want to store 32GB of goodies, it'll cost you £245 for the Secure Pro and £320 for the Presentation Master. Again, opting for no knife reduces the price by £5.

They're available in April.