Well, looks like SanDisk's "Something Big" announcement is actually a new 32GB microSD card rather than - well "Something Big".

The news, which has leaked out ahead of schedule thanks to a time machine (read wrong time set for publish date) from the chaps at MobileBurn, means you'll be able to get 1 billion files (read lots) on one card around the size of your little finger nail.

The last specification bump for microSDHC, users looking to go bigger will have to wait for microSDXC, although it's also worth pointing out that you'll also have to change your phone to do that, something that if you're looking forward to Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Series OS won't matter anyway - the OS won't support swappable media.

Still 32GB for $200 is a far cry from 30 years ago when 20GB would set you back over $1m.

Thanks Jack for illustration