Firebox has announced that it's now selling a set of Wi-Fi bathroom scales which will allow you to track your weight and body mass data, as well as uploading it to the Web. We're not quite convinced by that last bit.

The scales can track and keep data on up to eight users, so you should be fine even if you have a large family. You step on the scales, and it'll analyse your weight, fat mass and muscle mass within about 20 seconds. That data is sent to the Wi-Fi scale service, which can be accessed anywhere and compared against ideal numbers for people of your gender and age.

It comes with an iPhone app too, and can post updates to Twitter and Facebook. It's also compatible with certain online coaching programs, and ties in with other iPhone apps like RunKeeper and WightBot. It even syncs with Google Health, which lets you log what you eat.

The Wi-Fi bathroom scales is made from glass and aluminium and has a backlit LCD display. It costs £120 and is available now.