If you are a music lover, or, more specifically, someone who listens to music on the go, then the problem of cable tangle will not be new to you.

Enter stage left a new innovation in the form of the Magneat - an attempt by the Icelandic design team Preggioni at solving this most distressing of problems.

In short, the Magneat fastens to clothes using a magnet, the two-piece unit clamping together through your clothes and the main disk positioned on the outside, allowing for any excess cable to be wound around it.

Sometimes the simplest solution to a problem is the best, meaning this little device could be a winner.

The Magneat is available in a variety of single-colour or specially-designed varieties, which include plain black or white, Union Jack, an 8 ball design, zebra print and green tartan.

The full selection can be found at www.magneat.com and will set you back £7.99 for standard versions or £9.99 for special editions.