There are several problems with wireless charging mats, like Powermat's. For starters, they're expensive. They also have limited device support, and you often have to swap out the backplate of the device for a heavier custom one.

But if you want the benefits of a wireless charging mat without the price and bulking up of your gadgets, then you might be interested in taking a look at iDAPT's i2 and i3 chargers. They're not wireless, but don't hold that against them.

It's a mat, but out of that mat poke charging bases, which you then poke your devices into - they sit upright. There are tips for more than 3500 devices available - batteries, PSPs, the Nintendo DS, satnavs and - iDAPT claims - "almost every phone and mp3 player on the planet".

The i2 offers two charging ports with six of the most common tips, and the i3 will give you three charging ports with the same tips. They're available in black, silver and pink, and the i2 costs £20, with the i3 setting you back £30. Extra tips cost £6 and an AA/AAA battery charger tip costs £12. Available now.

UPDATE: iDAPT tells us that its next model will feature a USB port for charging, and a few other improvements. It's planned to still cost less than £40.