A Portuguese artist named Joao Sabino has created a handbag covered in computer keys. 393 of them, to be precise - that's nearly as many as four regular keyboards.

Sabino says of the design: "Keybag is a "container" built with 393 keys from computer keyboards. There is the intention to generate a shape from fragments (keys), altering their order without losing the bond to the promotive object. This lack of order allows the singularity of each object, which becomes itself, a communication vehicle that can be configured to act as a message, encoded or not".

The bag measures 300 x 220 x 50mm, and weighs 480g. It's made of ABS plastic keys and black nylon. It comes in four colours - red, white, black and pink, and costs 150 euros delivered, which is about £130. If you're after a cheaper alternative, Neatorama has a similar bag for $40. Just don't tell your girlfriend about the price difference.