Apart from a few witty job titles here and there, your average business card is a rather dull affair. However, what if you could turn it into something like a catapult to fire bits of gum or paper at those who chose to defy you?

While Patrick Bateman (from American Psycho) was more concerned about fonts, kerning and the paper weight, it seems the premise of the Cardapult is that, like a transformer, it turns from delivering your contact details into becoming a deadly weapon.

"This rubber band powered catapult can fire wads of paper or any other small objects that you may have around your desk", the blurb says. "while the maker in the video goes one step further by saying that you can "fire small bits of paper or tic tacs up to 15 feet". Judging by the video they aren't wrong.

The downside, the cards have been so popular that they've completely sold out.