Pioneer, the sly dog, is teasing some sort of new audio product on its Twitter and Facebook pages. That's it above. The company says: "Here's an exclusive preview of our newest upcoming product, can you guess what it is?"

It's evidently some sort of music device. There's a musical note on the "Source" section which indicates that this isn't a video tool, and the options are all audio-oriented. It has some form of external SD card storage, and there's AUX line-in and iPod inputs, too. A radio option's provided. It looks large enough to be a touchscreen, but it's difficult to tell the scale from the picture.

Our best guess is that this is a touchscreen-enabled car stereo with an iPod dock attachment, though would a touchscreen and dock make it a little unwieldy in a vehicle? You must have a better idea. Tell us what it is in the comments.