Duracell has unveiled an upgraded range of torches, which it has nicknamed "Daylite". Aimed at professionals, DIY enthusiasts and general consumers, Duracell claims that the range delivers 20x more brightness than a standard 5mm LED found in the cheapest torches.

The Daylite range employs LEDs for several reasons. Firstly, it saves energy - meaning a longer battery life. Secondly, it delivers a "purer" beam of white light. Thirdly, it's more resilient and lasts considerably longer than a regular bulb and lastly, it loses the rings that are often seen around the beam of traditional incandescent torches.

There's eight different models in the series, ranging from pocket-size to full-on industrial. They're split into the Daylite and Daylite Tough sectors, and are named depending on what size of battery you wanna stick in the thing. We hoped there might be a wind-up version, for energy-saving reasons, but Duracell told us that doesn't really match up with the "professional" target market.

Prices range from £14 to £38, with most falling around the £25 mark. All will be available over the next month or so.