iRex Technologies has announced the retail availability in the UK and Europe of its DR800S ebook reader, with the news it will go on sale direct from 18 January for 499 euros or £449, compared to the US price tag of $399.

The 8.1-inch touchscreen device boasts an E-Ink Vizplex display, ePUB support, USB hook-up to a PC and a stylus for pen-based input.

In the States the DR800S launched as the DR800SG from Barnes & Noble with 3G connectivity for downloads provided by Verizon and bundled into the cost of the device.

It appears that the UK version will be offered without a 3G option, although the US model offers Qualcomm's Gobi "multi-mode" 3G embedded module that works on 3G networks around the world, which makes that price tag sting a little.

If you're interested in ebook readers, then take a look at this comparison chart that pitches the US version of the device against a couple of Kindles and the Sony Reader Daily Edition.