You'll soon be able to power your gadgets by water thanks to a new gadget announced at CES in Las Vegas.

Horizon, the company behind the first hydrogen (toy) car is to release a fuel cell power station, called the Hydrofill, a device that turns water into power for you to charge your phone, laptop, digital camera or other electronic devices on the go and away from a power socket.

Priced around $600 and available from April, the new "power station" takes the technology first seen in the H2 and magnifies it to a more usable solution, filling fuel cell batteries called Hydrostiks with enough energy to power six full charges of a mobile phone.

The MiniPak as it will be called, will cost around $150 and could be the excuse you need to justify the outlay for the other two products.

Although considerably more expensive than a standard "remote charger" the company is hoping a more fun option will appeal to energy enthusiasts.

The Horizon H-Cell 2.0 R/C engine is compatible with the Tamiya TFR416 chassis and uses the company's Hydrostik solid hydrogen cartridges meaning a constant supply of power on tap from the tap.

The engine, which is capable of catapulting your car at speeds of up to 60km/h, will offer two slots for the Hydrostiks and give you around 30 minutes of drive time with a 60 minute per Hhydrostik charge in between.