Bookeen, the company behind one of the first ebook readers in 1998, has launched its latest offering at CES in Las Vegas.

The new model, will be called the Booken Cybook Orizon and will offer a 6-inch ePaper display. It will also be the first Bookeen device to support Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth.

The new ebook reader will also sport a InCell Touch capacitive screen which means the reader won't need a touchscreen membrane in front of the display like the Sony Readers.

Hoping to tick all the boxes Bookeen are also claiming the world's thinnest with a thickness of just 7.6mm (amazingly still fatter than the LG TV concept on show at the show).

It will come with 2GB of storage for 2,000 books and will give you 10,000 page flips on a single charge.

ePub-PDF, FB2-HTML-TXT, JPG, GIF and PNG file formats are supported.

However the device will lack a 3G connection like the Amazon Kindle and Kindle DX, to be able to download books from any location, with Bookeen telling Pocket-lint that the company isn't set up to deal with operators at the moment.

No word on price, but it will be shipping globally the company tell us.