While you'll expect to find Android in the latest smartphone or Internet tablet, one place that you wouldn't expect it is in a Microwave.

Welcome to CES 2010.

A company called Touch Revolution has done the unthinkable and kitted out not only a microwave, but washer dryer with the Google OS.

The company, using the technology to prove a point of what is possible, doesn't make any apps for the devices, but a spokesman told Pocket-lint that it would be easy to imagine what is possible.

What about a cooking app that gives you perfect cooking settings for different dishes? Or one that has feedback to help improve the way the microwave cooks stuff?

Of course, with full OS capabilities and a capacitive screen you could just use it to collect your emails and work while you cook your lunch.

It certainly makes this wacky microwave concept from IFA a couple of years ago rather dated.

As for the washer/dryer, as the pictures show, an app that allows you to manage your washing settings could make washing your clothes a lot more interesting.