COOL-ER has announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that it'll soon be adding two additional models to its range of eBook readers. The COOL-ER Compact and COOL-ER Connect both expand the functionality available on the standard COOL-ER eBook reader.

The Compact shrinks down the size of the unit while retaining the 6-inch screen. COOL-ER proudly boasts that it's smaller in size than Sony's 5-inch eBook reader. It has 2GB of onboard memory and features an enhanced battery that the company claims can take 10 novels before needing to be charged up.

The Connect, on the other hand, has Wi-Fi connectivity so you won't need to hook it up to your computer to transfer content across. It has a touchscreen too, to aid navigation around the device, and has 1GB of internal memory, which is expandable to 4GB.

Both models boast an "Autoread" function that allows you to use the device as an RSS feed reader, and a partnership with PressDisplay means that you can access 1400 newspapers across 93 countries, in addition to the public domain content provided by Google Books in the COOLER-EBOOKS store.

Both devices will be showing up at the end of March in 2010. COOL-ER wouldn't be drawn on pricing, but did say that the Compact would be retailing for around the same cost as the current model - which is available from Argos for £175 - and that the Connect would cost a tad more. More on that when we get it.