Spring Design's Alex ebook reader, currently the subject of a legal bust-up between it and Barnes & Noble, has been priced, dated and shown the sights at this year's CES.

With its dual screen design (one 6-inch black and white e-ink display for text and a 3.5-inch colour effort along the bottom) and browsing-while-reading capabilities, the Android-based device is a contrast to the majority of ebook readers on the market (apart from, of course, the B&N Nook, hence the aforementioned lawsuit).

So how much will US consumers have to pay to stand out from the crowd? A fair bit more than other offerings with the price for the device coming in at $399 as compared to $259 for the Nook and the standard Amazon Kindle.

The Spring Design Alex is due to start shipping on 22 February, we will keep you posted with related news in the meantime.