One of the best things about having a bath is reading a book while you soak. Trouble is, is that if you've signed up to the digital experience of an e-book reader, you just can't do that anymore. 

In steps the Guardian Case For Amazon Kindle, a waterproof casing that slips over your e-book reader giving you protection "in all water environments up to 1 metre deep".

The case offers flexible buttons so you can still use all the Kindle's features and thanks to some handily placed air pockets can even float vertically. 

"Three internal buoyancy chambers provide distributed flotation to keep the Kindle afloat and upright for in-water reading," reads the sales blurb.

The whole package is finished off with an anti-reflective film which protects the Guardian's screen area while allowing for uninhibited reading in sunny environments.

The case will ship this spring and will come in multiple colours.