A new device that hopes to let you control the basic functions of how your house is heated is being shown off at CES in Las Vegas this week.

Called PassivEnergy, the system allows you to monitor energy consumption as well as set the temperature in your house by placing and then talking to a number of sensors in your home.

"You plug the box into your router, place a temperature sensor in your room and then replace your standard thermostat in your home", the company's CEO Colin Calder told Pocket-lint. "Using the remote you can then set when you want the heating to come on based on time of day, when you are out, when you are sleeping and other parameters".

In fact the system can even be trained to automatically adjust with the change in weather outside, learn the optimum time to turn on based on your movements, how your house heats up or the costs based on your provider.

The system, which already has Android and Apple iPhone apps incoming, hopes to save you wasting energy in the home based on the fact that it can be more efficient in regards to heating it because it knows where and what you do.

But it's not just the heating that the system hopes to control. Aping features from competitor AlertMe, you'll also be able to connect the device to your electronics gear via connected plugs and control appliances via the system controller or an online web page.

Plans for the future include control of your TVs, your washing machine, dishwasher and any other white goods.

The new system is expected to hit the UK around Easter with a starter pack including the thermostat, box of tricks and one temperature sensor for around £300. A US and global roll-out is expected sometime later this year.