Powermat has announced a range of new products at CES as it continues its march into offering consumers wireless power for their favourite gadgets.

New to CES in Las Vegas is the promise of a battery technology that rather than offering you faster charging times or longer battery life will instead have the Powermat wireless technology built in, so you don't have to worry about fitting a case or backplate to your phone for it to work with the company's charging system.

The new batteries are expected to be available later this year and will be available for virtually every phone on the market that has a swappable battery. That means everyone from HTC to Motorola, to Nokia to BlackBerry.

For those that can't or won't wait, the company is rolling out new charging mat sizes to suit the needs of the gadget aficionado as well as mats that don't need a constant power supply.

Prices and exact launch dates are still to be confirmed, but for those who hate the power socket, things, it seems, are looking up.