An 8kg external SSD isn't everyone's idea of a good time, but what the ioSafe Solo promises to do is keep your data as protected as humanly possible. These 64, 128 and 256GB devices are normal enough on the inside - they store your files and transfer information via USB or eSATA. On the outside, however, they're protected by the proprietary Armour-plate and military grade steel.

The upshot is that the ioSafe Solo will withstand the 5000lb crush force, 20ft drop and 1000g shock of a two storey building collapse as well as being subsumed in 1550F flames for half an hour and up to 30 days submersion in salt or fresh water at 30ft deep. Naturally, this isn't the kind of protection required by the casual users but it could be just up the street of the very serious businessman or the terminally paranoid.

The ioSafe Solo will ship internationally from February for $499, $749 and $1249 for the three sizes, they're compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows and, should it really hit the fan, they also come with a "no questions asked" data recovery service.