Plenty of products that'll make their debuts at CES 2010 this week are starting to emerge, and among them is this nifty gadget from HSTi - the WirelessMediaStick.

It may just look like a dull USB drive, and in fact it pretends to be one to whatever you plug it into, but it's really a wireless-enabled media streamer that can mount to any network drive on any computer in your home. You plug it into your console, TV, photo frame or anything else and you can play media from anywhere.

It means that you don't need DLNA or a fancy set-top box to get content from your media server onto your television - just a humble USB port. It's compatible with any gadget that has USB connectivity, and is controlled with a web-based interface accessible from any browser connected to the network.

We'll see if we can hunt down this gadget at CES, get a proper hands-on and find out when it'll be available and at what price. Stay tuned for that info and more.