Navteq reckons it's "working closely with the North Pole's Department of Transport to ensure that Santa Claus has the latest Navteq map data powering his sleigh this holiday season".

In a sign that someone in the marketing department has perhaps been on the sherry a little earlier than is wise, Navteq says its map data enables "chimney-to-chimney routing around the world" for Santa's crucial Christmas journey.

With new coverage of Iceland alone said to reduce Father Christmas' time in the region by 30 minutes, Navteq's own research into navigation and fuel savings for the Claus estimates that Rudolph and the other reindeer will require 5000 fewer tons of feed to fuel their flight around the world.

"We upgraded Santa's sleigh last year, opting for a model with navigation and were amazed at the time and energy savings seen in last year's expedition", says Buddy D. Elf, secretary of the Department.

"Everyone at the NPDOT, including the Claus', now fully understands the value of navigation and the importance of a highly accurate and reliable map. We are excited to expand our relationship with Navteq and expect to see even more marked efficiencies in this year's Christmas Eve trek.  We thank Navteq for helping us realise the Christmas wishes of children around the world".