We've seen both ultra-simple and ultra-stylish stands for the iPhone before, but this takes the biscuit as the most flexible - literally - as it's a modified mini bean bag.

"Have you ever tried watching a movie on your iPod touch or iPhone only to realize it's not that fun to hold your device for hours at a time? Did you then try to prop it up against stacks of books or magazines or try to create an improvised stand or holder with limited success?", ask the chaps behind the design.

"So did we. That's why we created the MovieWedge. Hope you find it as useful as we do".

Made of soft microsuede, that can also double as a screen wiper, the squidgy device gets a little lip to hold the gadget in place, but then contours to whatever you've placed it on.

As well as Apple-flavoured products, the teeny beany will also (obviously) work with other mobile phones, other MP3 players and even some of the smaller handheld consoles.

The MovieWedge is available now for $9.95.