Ebook fans hoping to get one for Christmas in the US are seeing their options dwindle by the day as Barnes & Noble announced that it has sold out of the Nook, which hits shops at the end of the month.

"The hottest gift of the season may be sold out, but with our elegant nook holiday certificate you can still let loved ones know it’s coming", said the company to prospective customers looking to pre-order the dual screen ebook on their website.

The news comes as Sony announced earlier in the week that its 7-inch 3G sporting Sony eReader Daily Edition wouldn't ship until 18 December, or possibly after.

Barnes & Noble says customers ordering a Nook will receive their devices the week starting 4 Jan.

Amazon, having sorted out stock issues it experienced last year, is saying it has plenty of stock.

However with more ebook readers confirmed for January at CES and Qualcomm showing off a colour ereader, out sometime in 2010, it might be the reason you need to get them something else in the meantime.