Firebox has announced it is offering a new novelty kitchen appliance in the form of a peanut butter maker.

However, unless you chug the good stuff down on a daily basis, we think it's highly likely that this kitchen gadget will sit languishing in the back of a cupboard for the large majority of its life.

But, if you are a big fan of the nut-themed spread, this is clearly the gadget for you and even caters to both fans of the smooth offering as well as those that inexplicably prefer the crunchy, bitty, horrid stuff. We're impartial, obviously.

The real magic comes in with the fact that all this machine needs to create yummtious butter of peanut is peanuts and that's it.

Stick your nuts in the top, flip the switch and soon warm, gooey beanut putter will be oozing out at you ready to be spread liberally on white, buttered bread and washed down with a glass of cold milk.

This making method also means you can experiment with other nut butters, although we'd steer clear of coconuts, doughnuts and Grape Nuts.

Mains-powered and measuring 25cm tall, the peanut butter maker is on sale now for £29.99.