Livescribe has announced the beta launch of an online application store, taking the craze for apps further than the world of the mobile phone.

The store offers over 30 paid-for and free applications ranging from productivity and reference tools to games and entertainment to travel and education.

Applications include language translations, "fun" facts on a variety of topics, a "sexy oracle", games such as  Blackjack and Hangman and even the option for users to "play a guitar - right from the 'pentip' of their Pulse smartpen".

Coinciding with the launch, Livescribe has released 2.0 software upgrades for both the smartpen and the Livescribe Desktop software - which allows consumers to save, organise and share their notes and recordings from their computer, as well as now download and install the apps.

The store can be found at or can be accessed through the Livescribe Desktop software.