In the UK, IT workers are least likely to lead a healthy lifestyle, a recent study suggests, with those in fields such as website design, software development and tech support owning up to exercising the least and having a poor diet.

Fewer than one in five IT workers get the recommended half hour a day of exercise five days a week. As far as diet goes, just 14% claim to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables throughout the day, whilst their caffeine intake is the highest nationwide - on average, IT workers chug down around 10 cups of coffee a day.

Receptionists are the second most inactive group while sales people come in third, followed by checkout operators and then those that work in marketing.

The study looked at 1734 working Brits and reveals that 63% are failing to meet the exercise guidelines as the average person in the UK is active for just 1 hour 30 minutes a week.

Survey backer and weight loss expert Rich Leigh of says, "There is clearly a correlation between sitting at a desk or wheel all day and how active you're likely to be".