It's the 13 Movember 2009 and a few of you out there might be feeling a little envious or indeed entirely left out of the tache growing proceedings. Don't panic. We've got it all sorted for you here. Here's a few moustache-inspired bits and pieces that'll help you feel like you're part of the game, just because you don't have the mo on the outside doesn't mean you're not wearing one on the inside.

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Funny yet warm and soothing at the same time, the moustache mug is possibly not the best choice around the boardroom table. Fortunately, it does give the fairer sex a chance to pick and choose their magic mo-ments or perhaps provide men a December and beyond memory of the great sacrifice they went through on behalf of charity. It's also something to keep your top lip warm through the long winter months. Each mug has got two taches of a different style - one on either side - and you can pick them up for around £12 from Peter Ibruegger.

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Apologies for the whopping great picture but somehow the silliness of the giant, curly, rubber moustache on a moody-looking bulldog is all the better the larger it gets. It takes a while to figure out what's going on here and, in fact, it's only when you navigate to the Humunga Stache product page that you realise you're looking at the protruding end of a dog chew. Naturally, it's made of non-toxic, very sturdy rubber and will entertain yourself and all your guests no end as your pooch develops a complex about being the permanent butt of the joke. Still, it is very funny and rather good value at £9.95.

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If you want something that shows more commitment than the Moustache Mug, you'll find yourself in Bottle 'Stache country. These removable rings fit around a standard soft drink bottle neck rim, giving the illusion that you're actually sporting some lip fur guaranteeing it'll fool a few. You can buy them in designs known as Box Car, the Stromboli, the Winnipeg Special and Beans for Breakfast. As the strap-line says: What is more fun than a moustache? Nothing.

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If you'd rather support the good cause in a marginally less silly and obvious way, then you might want to go for the subtle comedy class of a set of moustache napkin rings. Curiously, they look rather similar in design to the Bottle 'Stache but we're assured they're quite different. They're made of acrylic but have a neat little feature that means you can personalise each one for your guests. They come in a set of four, cost $24 and will probably become more entertaining as the evening goes on.

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It's wooden, so it's kind to the environment; it dispenses salt and pepper, so it's useful; it splits in half, making it even better; it's shaped like a moustache, no comment required and it can be on display at all times being a table top gadget. That, in the business, is what they call a big bag of win. You can make someone's day at the paperdollwoodshop on Etsy for $28.

If you've found all this very inspiring then why not grow a mo yourself and help in the fight against prostate cancer? You can follow the Pocket-lint team's diary and even donate a little too.