You can't just grow hair on your top tip and think that's all there is to it, grooming your moustache, or mustache for our American readers, takes time and consideration.

We sat down with Dr. Aaron Perlut, the chairman of the American Mustache Institute to find out more.

"The best tip I can give is to grow a moustache that is appropriate for your face", says Perlut, stern and to the point. "A moustache can enhance the image you want to portray. A Fu Manchu or Horseshoe is good for looking tough. A Pencil or Handlebar is good for adding an appearance of being intelligent. Just don't forget the monocle".

Once you've started growing your mo - you've got to care for it, look after it. Here Perlut recommends a moustache wax over gel or hairspray.

"Moustache wax really can't be beaten, here at the AMI [American Mustache Institute] we recommend Oregon Wildhair Moustache Wax", says Perlut.

Oregon Wildhair Moustache Wax is an artisan wax made using beeswax, petroleum jelly, lanolin, and natural musk oil without perfume, so as not to destroy flavours like tea or coffee.

Mark Coyl, the creator of Wildhair, offers a rather elaborate set of tips for grooming his mo: "I usually groom my moustache after my morning shower. First, I vigorously brush my moustache with a natural bristle brush to help shape it; then I apply my wax. Sometimes, when I find that my moustache doesn't want to cooperate, I use a hair dyer to warm the wax after it is on my moustache. I heat one side of my moustache for 10 seconds or so and then I hold the end of my moustache to the shape I want until the wax cools, which takes another 10 seconds. Then I do the same to the other side. I apply more wax if I feel more is needed".

Still on the subject of cleaning, Dr. Perlut believes that a moustache left to its own devices can get rough and uncomfortable. He recommends using a conditioner every other day to ensure its full bodied and fluffy.

So what about foods? Easy claims Perlut:

"Creamy substances like soups are outstanding as they can be caught in the moustache and savoured later, while drinking beer helps keep it moist".

If the girlfriend or wife complains? Perlut has an answer for that too:

"If a girlfriend ever requests you remove your moustache find yourself a new girlfriend".

Brave words, but perhaps Perlut's second piece of advice on the subject might help to sway them to reconsider:

"Every time a moustache is shaved an angel dies."

And finally one to leave you even more confused than you were before:

"Midgets with Moustaches are awesome".

You heard it here first.

Movember is about having fun, growing a moustache and raising much needed funds and awareness for men's health - specifically prostate cancer. What many people don't appreciate is that one man dies every hour of prostate cancer in the UK, more than 35,000 men will be diagnosed this year and that prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK.  

The more that join us, the more we can 'change the face of men's health' through raising awareness and the money that will be raised.

Let's 'Change the Face of Mens Health'.