UPDATE: Half way there and the Mo's are taking shape. How is your mo going?

3 days in and we are happy to report the "Mos" are going well (see pictures below).

You can follow our progress every day on this page with both Chris, Dan, Duncan, Ben and I posting daily pictures so you can see our "slugs" form.

We will also be regularly featuring the latest 'tache management gadgets, for those who want to keep their mo under control.

Why not grow a mo for Movember yourself and help raise money and awareness for The Prostate Cancer Charity here in the UK?

Currently around 30,000 men a year are diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and around 10,000 men a year die from the disease. That's over 1 every hour.

Movember plans to stop all that by doing for men what the Breast Cancer causes have done for women and clearly save some lives in the process.

It's not too late to start your own, or if that sounds like too much effort (perhaps having a mo will interfere with your job) you can sponsor us and we will dedicate our mo to you.

Come on, help give us a reason for wearing a Tom Seleck 'tache for the month.

As an added bonus - those who sponsor the TechMo team will get a plug on this page telling our readers what lovely people you all are.