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(Pocket-lint) - Your Kindle is a small but mighty e-reader, giving you access to thousands of books while remaining light and easy to use - but it's essential to add some protection with a top case.

Any device without one is prone to bumps and grazes, and though an e-reader's screen can't technically crack in the same way as a glass-fronted device, the screen can begin to bleed if it's damaged.

Adding a layer of shielding doesn't just increase the longevity of your Kindle, either, with plenty of options out there also enhancing the overall look and giving you automatic sleep/wake functionality.

As with any cases, there are some slight differences in design. And to help you figure out which is right, we've gathered together what are, in our book, the very best Kindle e-reader cases you can buy right now. Let's explore.

Top Amazon Kindle cases available to buy today

Fintie Best Kindle cases: We judge the top covers for your digital books photo 2

Fintie Slimshell Case for Kindle Paperwhite


Kindle Paperwhite owners who want to zhuzh up their device are in luck here, with Fintie's folding case offering up to 27 different colours and patterns to pick between.

Able to cover up any Paperwhite model that released before 2018, the inside of each case features durable synthetic leather that helps prevent scratches - all while remaining slim and easy to carry around.

It also offers a neat way for you to automatically wake and sleep the device, with the magnetic clasp ensuring it stays locked.

CoBak Best Kindle cases: We judge the top covers for your digital books photo 3

CoBak Kindle Paperwhite Case


CoBak has plenty of cases for e-readers, but its model designed specifically for Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite 2018 is a beaut - and a must-consider if you own one.

You get a perfect cutout for your device, naturally, but there are 22 excellent finishes and colours to pick from, too. As with other picks, the magnetic clasp also means you get a secure lock and auto-sleep/wake.

Even better, the snap-on design means your Kindle remains light and easy to carry around. 

Amazon Best Kindle cases: We judge the top covers for your digital books photo 4

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Fabric Cover


Amazon's official case for the 10th Generation 2018 Paperwhite model may not be the cheapest you can buy, but it does have the bonus of matching your device perfect in both aesthetics and function.

Available in yellow, black or blue, the fabric covering - akin to some of the company's Echo devices - offers smart-looking and water-safe protection, while the magnetic closing lets you keep the feeling of opening a real book and gaining auto-sleep/wake functionality.

Infiland Best Kindle cases: We judge the top covers for your digital books photo 5

Infiland Kindle Case


Another snap-on shell beauty comes from Infiland, with this particular model designed to protect the 10th Generation 2019 Kindle. 

There are precise cutouts to ensure you can still hit the side buttons and charge easily, with seven different synthetic leather colours to pick between.

As you would expect, the folding magnetic cover will also give you auto-sleep/wake action and keep the front of your e-reader protected at all times.

Dadanism Best Kindle cases: We judge the top covers for your digital books photo 6

Dadanism Kindle Case


Dadanism's offering isn't quite as svelte as others you might be considering, but it is up there with the best in terms of protection. 

Designed for the 10th Generation 2019 model (and also able to fit the 8th Generation 2016 model), this cover deviates from the snap-on simplicity of others and provides you with an internal slot for the likes of cards, money or tickets, added protection on the inside and a carry handle on the rear.

This is backed up by the magnetic cover, which aids auto-sleep/wake functionality, with eight different PU leather styles to pick from.

Writing by Conor Allison.