Best garden tillers 2021: Top picks to help cultivate your outdoor space the easy way

A wide tilling area will make quick work of your garden. (image credit: LawnMaster)
A battery-powered tiller that offers cordless freedom. (image credit: Greenworks)
This compact and corded option is great for smaller gardens. (image credit: Earthwise)
A powerful corded tiller that cultivates deep and wide. (image credit: Sun Joe)
This tiller provides a powerful motor and a large cultivated area. Its larger design is great for medium to large gardens. (image credit: Earthwise)
It's a fantastic addition to any serious gardener's tool shed. (image credit: Earthwise)
Lightweight and battery-powered, this tiller is made to quickly sort out your garden for spring planting. (image credit: Sun Joe)
A portable, cordless tiller that will suit smaller gardens perfectly. (image credit: Webb)
The single-sided design makes it both a tiller and weeder, and is ideal for small gardens. (image credit: Sun Joe)
Great for medium to large gardens, it's a cordless tiller that can take on more than you'd think. (image credit: Einhell)
A powerful corded tiller that makes short work of larger gardens. (image credit: VonHaus)

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