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(Pocket-lint) - Blacklight strips represent quite a different lighting experience from your regular options, but they are an excellent way to add some fun glow to your home or parties.

This blacklight is actually UV-A light that is usually invisible to the human eye, though the lighting options we'll be detailing below feature fluorescent substances that are able to take this in and re-emit it at a shorter - and more visible - wavelength.

The result of this glow is the appearance of objects and materials not previously visible to the naked eye, which is why biological stains like saliva, blood and more can show under blacklight.

As with typical lighting strips, these blacklight equivalents naturally vary in what they offer. You'll need to know the length of strip you're looking to employ, whether you want it to be waterproof and just how powerful you want the light to be.

For everything else, read on below as we detail some of the top blacklight strips you can buy.

Best black light strips available to buy today

OnforuBest blacklight LED strips 2021: Never get left in the dark with these top UV-A picks photo 3

Onforu LED UV Black Light Strip Kit (32.8ft)


If you need a powerful blacklight strip light that can span a good distance, Onforu's two-pack is an ideal solution to explore.

The set comprises 32.8ft/10m of lighting and can be easily installed through the sticky adhesive on the rear of the light. To add to the versatility, it can also be cut at any point without affecting the rest of the strip.

It's also incredibly long-lasting and durable. We've yet to see any part of the strip become damaged, with Onforu suggesting the set should be able to light for up to 50,000 hours. Just note that this pick is indoor-only.

DeepDreamBest blacklight LED strips 2021: Never get left in the dark with these top UV-A picks photo 4

DeepDream Waterproof Black Light LED Black Light Strip (16.4ft)


DeepDream's strip isn't the longest option you'll find for the price, but, in our view, the fact it's capable of handling outdoor conditions makes it a very solid choice.

The 16.4ft/5m lighting wheel features 300 LEDs throughout, and can be cut and connected to perfect fit your indoor or outdoor space. To make this installation even easier, it also features an adhesive strip on the back of the light.

That durability extends to the LEDs themselves, too, which DeepDream indicates can light for up to 50,000 hours.

ShpodaBest blacklight LED strips 2021: Never get left in the dark with these top UV-A picks photo 5

Shpoda LED Black Light Strip Kit (33ft)


Another indoor alternative for those looking for long wheels of strip lighting, Shpoda provides an excellent and affordable set.

Like others, this 33ft/10m duo's length is split between two different strips, giving users 300 LEDs worth of light in each. Both are able to operate at a low temperature, and can also be stuck to different surfaces via the rear adhesive.

Again, just make sure you don't try and use this lighting outside - it won't end well.

YayitBest blacklight LED strips 2021: Never get left in the dark with these top UV-A picks photo 6

Yayit Black Light Strip Kit (40ft)


Yayit provides one of the longest blacklight strip packages you can find, with its 40ft/12m length spread between two wheels.

In total, there are 720 LED units spread between the strips, each providing around 50,000 hours of life. The length itself can also be cut and matched to your space at pretty much any point, as well as fixed to a surface through the adhesive on the back.

The strip's low temperature also means the adhesive stays sturdy for a very long time, though be sure not to place this one outdoors or expose it to water.

CiyoyoBest blacklight LED strips 2021: Never get left in the dark with these top UV-A picks photo 7

Ciyoyo Black Light Strip Kit (33ft)


If you want more than just a simple blacklight strip, Ciyoyo's option features different lighting modes to help mix things up. 

With the included remote control, users are able to play around with six different kinds of functions - including strobe and fading effects - different speeds, adjustable brightness levels and even set timers (two hours, four hours or eight hours).

Installation is also a cinch, thanks to the adhesive strip and included wall mounting tacks, and the strip can be cut to help fit the lighting to your indoor space.

OntesikBest blacklight LED strips 2021: Never get left in the dark with these top UV-A picks photo 8

Ontesik Black Light Strip (40ft)


Another great option for those considering a longer-than-typical strip comes from Ontesik, with this 40ft/12m length split between a pair of wheels.

Like the rest of the picks on this list, it's easy to stick to walls and floors, thanks to the adhesive on the back, and can easily be snipped to fit your indoor area.

Interestingly, Ontesik also suggests that the power cord can be cut to expose the positive and negative wires to your 12V car battery.

We're yet to try this, and would probably advise you to get some dedicated car lighting for that, as well as keeping this one away from the outdoor elements.

Writing by Conor Allison. Editing by Dan Grabham.