Best high-power flashlight 2022 | Pocket-lint

An excellent all-rounder for those craving a more powerful torch than the standard options. (image credit: GearLight)
A very handy flashlight pairing designed to give you expert control over a powerful beam range. (image credit: Binwo)
An enduring design meets long-lasting power with this supremely powerful flashlight. (image credit: Maglite)
A superb flashlight that melds extreme brightness, versatile modes and a durable design. (image credit: Amuoc)
An inexpensive way to pick up multiple torches that are capable of bright beams indoors and out. (image credit: Eveready)
Ambertech provides a handy, rechargeable torch to have at your disposal when camping. (image credit: Ambertech)
A superb, powerful torch and lantern that all campers should have in their arsenal. (image credit: Novostella)
Another outstanding camping torch that provides plenty of features. (image credit: Maythank)