Best night vision monocular 2021: Feast your eyes on these top picks

An expert night vision monocular that grants you a detailed view in any light conditions.

(image credit: Firefield)

One of the top monoculars to consider, with impressive night vision specs and capturing power.

(image credit: Bushnell)

A great night vision monocular for those on a budget - or those who don't require top-tier features.

(image credit: JStoon)

Affordable and weatherproof with some very solid scope specs - ideal for first-time monocular users. 

(image credit: Vivreal)

A neat, rechargeable night vision monocular with a very affordable price tag.

(image credit: Acpotel)

Those who require an inexpensive monocular without compromise can find it with this Rexing's model.

(image credit: Rexing)

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