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(Pocket-lint) - Whether you need a portable battery fan for camping, working outdoors or simply because you don't have a power outlet where you need it, there are plenty of different options to consider. 

Since they all perform roughly the same job, the biggest thing to worry about when buying a battery-powered fan is simply the size and style you want for the job. Some are small, rechargeable units that can easily hook onto tents or air vents, while others are more powerful, self-standing and designed for offices or construction sites.

Whatever your ambition is for your mobile air cooler, we're here to help guide you. Below, we'll detail some of the top options to consider at a range of different budgets.

Best battery fans you can buy today

OdolandBest portable fans 2021: Only these fans will do when you're on the move photo 2


If you're a keen camper, you'll know just how handy it is when you're able to save space by having one device cover two jobs. And, with this pick, you'll get a portable battery fan that can also act as a lantern.

The fan has two different speeds to keep you cool in the tent during the night, while the 18 LEDs allow you to easily light up the small space. 

Just be aware that, in order to power all this action, you'll need a pair of D cell batteries. They should keep the fan working continuously for five hours on the higher setting, 15 hours on the lower setting and provide 20 hours of light.

O2CoolBest portable fans 2021: Only these fans will do when you're on the move photo 3

Treva 10-Inch Portable Battery Fan


If you're looking to cool down in your home office but need a fan that also features portable powers, this is a really solid option to consider. 

O2Cool's Treva fan gives you the option of choosing between AC and battery power, which requires six D cell batteries to power one of the two fan speeds.

It's ideal for when you need to free up a plug socket in your setup but still require a powerful unit that can stand and power easily on the desk.

DeWaltBest portable fans 2021: Only these fans will do when you're on the move photo 4

DeWalt Cordless Fan


Designed to work seamlessly around the rest of your construction setup and tools, DeWalt's 20V cordless fan is the top option for manual workers.

As with much of the company's range, the fan is powered through its proprietary 20V Max battery, which provides up to seven hours of air cooling. Handily, users also have the option to use a cord, too.

To give even more control over placement, the fan is even compatible with DeWalt wall mounts, hooks and tripod mounts. Plus, mild dust and water shouldn't be an issue, thanks to the IP54 rating.

Geek AireBest portable fans 2021: Only these fans will do when you're on the move photo 5

Geek Aire Rechargeable Floor Fan


Whether it's for use around the office or needs to travel around the rest of your home, Geek Aire's rechargeable floor fan is a great all-rounder.

The 16-inch tilting unit is powered by a 15000mAh battery that can run for up to 18 hours, depending on the fan speed. Once you're done, it then takes around 2-3 hours to return to full capacity.

The design features an LED battery life indicator on the box at the rear, which is also where you can charge other devices through a USB cable. 

AmacoolBest portable fans 2021: Only these fans will do when you're on the move photo 6

Amacool Portable Battery Camping Fan


Amacool's portable battery fan is another excellent consideration for campers who want to combine cool air functionality with LED light.

The design features a hook to hang on tents, inside cars or in the outdoors, and, when turned upside down, can stand on its own.

It also doesn't require disposable batteries - the 5000mAh battery lasts around 40 hours with continuous fan-only use (or 18 days with light-only use) and can also be operated through a USB cable, car charger or power bank.

Writing by Conor Allison. Originally published on 3 March 2021.