Best elliptical machine 2021: Get indoor exercise a gentler way

A great, affordable option for most people. (image credit: Sunny)
Great for those with more space to fill. (image credit: Schwinn)
Perfect if you want to be able to sit as well. (image credit: Body Rider)
Great for workouts that don't take up space. (image credit: Cubii)
A great cut-price option. (image credit: Fast88)
A well-priced product that has a variety of resistance levels and a reliable magnetic drive. (image credit: Dripex)
If you're looking for all the features and all have the money to pay for them then this is your choice. (image credit: Bluefin)
This machine also doubles as a bike, perfect if you're looking for both exercises but need to save space. (image credit: XS Sports)
The most basic and budget option you can find. (image credit: Sunny Health)

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