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(Pocket-lint) - A walkie talkie might be an old-school bit of tech, harking back to the good old days before smartphones and constant connectivity, but it's still something that can be really useful.

Whether you're working somewhere that doesn't get a signal or you think there's a risk of that connection dropping, having a top walkie talk on hand can mean you stay in touch in challenging moments. 

So, if you want to take advantage of those unused radio waves for reliable communication, we've featured some of the very best walkie talkie sets available. 

Best Walkie Talkies: Quick Links

  1. Topsung M880
  2. Rivins RV-7
  3. eSynic Rechargeable
  4. Retevis RT22
  5. Topsung Walkie Talkie

Our Top Pick: Best Walkie Talkie

TopsungBest walkie-talkie for adults 2021: Two-way chat photo 3

Topsung M880


These jazzy-looking walkie talkies are actually nice and sophisticated, and well-designed. They're small and comfortable to hold, weighing just 80g each to make them an easy addition to any pack.

They're compatible with a huge array of wavelengths to make them easy to patch into your network, and you can also easily lock them using a passcode for added security. They're great for all sorts of occasions, and are our top pick. 

RivinsBest walkie-talkie for adults 2021: Two-way chat photo 4

Rivins RV-7


If you want a few more handsets in one bundle this four-pack is a good choice, with each walkie talkie also bringing smart features to the table. 

Each has a stonking 5-mile range for long-distance communication, and is solidly built enabling it to withstand the elements. You can easily swap frequencies and you should find that your voice comes through nice and crisply via the on-board microphone.

eSyncBest walkie-talkie for adults 2021: Two-way chat photo 5

eSynic Rechargeable


This pair of walkie talkies is a little more involved - for one thing, each comes with its own charging dock and rechargeable power, compared to the battery-operated models elsewehere on this list.

You also get an earpiece for each handset, making them perfect for anyone who wants to stay in touch but might need their hands free for other uses. Each even also has a small flashlight on board, making them perfect for night-time patrols or use. 

RetevisBest walkie-talkie for adults 2021: Two-way chat photo 6

Retevis RT22


If we're talking about multipacks that bring value, nothing can top getting six walkie talkies in one, especially since this comes with charging station that can hold all three. They're also rechargeable, like the eSync options above.

They're by far the simples walkie talkies on this list in terms of operation - you just lock them all to the same channel and you've got a communications network all ready to go. That makes them perfect for bigger teams where more options might just mean more potential mistakes. 

TopsungBest walkie-talkie for adults 2021: Two-way chat photo 7

Topsung Walkie Talkie


Our final option comes from Topsung again, which opened up our list, and is a simple pair of easy-to-use walkie talkies that seem perfect for camping trips or hikes. 

They're not industrial-strength, but they're really simple to operate and have good range, which makes them ideal if you're in a small group and just want to stay in touch. However, they're a little pricier as a result of that ease!

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.