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(Pocket-lint) - Multimeters are complex little bits of kit that are a key part of any electrician's toolkit, and can be hugely helpful for more complicated DIY projects that might involve wiring or currents.

They pack multiple functions into one package, generally letting you measure voltage, current, and resistance in one device, all metrics that are key to doing things right and avoiding that pesky menace, electrocution. If you're looking for a multimeter for a home project or for work, you've come to the right place - we've gathered some of the best options around, below. 

Our guide to the best multimeter to buy today

Crenova Best multimeter 2021: Perfect for DIY photo 3

Crenova MS8233D


Crenova's multimeter is a well-made one, and comes with a handy carrying case that should be really useful for anyone who's prone to losing bits and pieces. 

On top of that, though, it's got the core functions down, with auto-ranging making it easy to measure AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, frequency, continuity, diodes and more, which is a great range of coverage. 


A built-in double fuse makes it really safe, too, which is also highly important!

AstroAI Best multimeter 2021: Perfect for DIY photo 4

AstroAI Digital Multimeter


AstroAI's multimeter is similarly impressive, and also has a huge range of tools in its arsenal, including tests for voltage, current, resistance, continuity, capacitance, and frequency; it can also test diodes, transistors, and read temperatures, which is all you'd need.

You get auto-ranging again to make things a bit easier, while the huge backlit LED screen is one the clearest we've come across, which is perfect for working in low light or in dusty surroundings. 

Kaiweets Best multimeter 2021: Perfect for DIY photo 5

Kaiweets Digital Multimeter


There are plenty of scenarios you might need a voltmeter in where how solidly your device is made will end up being key - a work site isn't the place for easily broken tools! This multimeter from Kaiweets will survive drops and bumps easily thanks to its solid design. 

It has all the same capabilities as the others on this list, too, with a few smart touches like LEDs on the jacks to make sure that you can get it wired up even in the dark. That makes it a great choice for auto mechanics who might need to use it on a rainy roadside, for example. 

Fluke Best multimeter 2021: Perfect for DIY photo 6

Fluke 117


This model from Fluke is nice and simple to operate, with a dial moving you between the various settings you'd like to test, which makes it useful for anyone who doesn't want to overcomplicate their life.

That said, you pay for quality and for reliability, and while you'll get both to a totally professional standard from Fluke, you'll also pay a huge premium for it compared to others on this list. That makes it a slightly harder sell for DIY-ers working on home projects. 

WeePro Best multimeter 2021: Perfect for DIY photo 7

WeePro Vpro850L


Moving right back down to the other end of the scale we have this multimeter from WeePro which should fit into the budget for almost any project.

It has the wide range of testing options you'd hope for, and while it may not have as many input options as others, for this price you really can't complain at all, frankly. It's simple to use and comes with that luminous orange rubber case for protection, making it something you can also bring onto sites with confidence. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.