Best compact humidifiers 2021: Add some moisture back into small rooms with these top picks

An affordable ultrasonic humidifier that excels at the basics.

(image credit: Ansio)

This tiny, wood-style unit lets you breathe new life into your small space.

(image credit: Victsing)

Homasy's portable humidifier is perfect for office desks and transporting to small spaces.

(image credit: Homasy)

This portable humidifier offers a medium-sized tank that's easy to regulate for smaller rooms.

(image credit: Extsud)

This colorful two-in-one device is perfect for bedrooms and small spaces. 

(image credit: VicTsing)

Honeywell's filter-packed humidifier gives you easy cleaning and plenty of power.

(image credit: Honeywell)

Levoit's ultrasonic humidifier is ideal for small and medium rooms that need continuous use.

(image credit: Levoit)

A humidifier that tackles the basics for a budget price.

(image credit: Magictec)
With a neat design and simple operation, this Raydrop humidifier is ideal for your bedroom. (image credit: Raydrop)
Able to act as a nightlight and a humidifier, this is an excellent solution for small spaces. (image credit: LtYioe)
Place this one wherever you go and tap into humid air for hours. (image credit: Movtip)
Combine improved humidity levels with essential oils and fragrances by employing Mooka's unit. (image credit: Mooka)

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