Best long charging cables 2021: Top 10ft picks for your phone, laptop and more

The ideal pick for Apple users who require a far-reaching cable.

(image credit: Amazon)

Fill your life with power by picking up this trio of far-reaching USB-C wires - affordable and durable.

(image credit: Fasgear)

A handy pair of Micro USB cables that can transform your charging.

(image credit: Deego)

Anker's top quality and performance are on show here with its 10ft cable.

(image credit: Anker)

Cover your bases with this long and short two-pack, available in an array of different colours.

(image credit: Jsaux)

Designed for Oculus Quest and an ideal pick for smartphone gamers requiring a long cable.

(image credit: Fasgear)

Colourful, durable and far-reaching cables to improve your charging.

(image credit: Cabepow)

A simple, affordable 10ft option that can end your cable-fraying woes.

(image credit: Jsaux)

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