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(Pocket-lint) - When it's cold outside, you'll typically be forced to make a choice between having cold hands or an unresponsive phone screen. With a pair of ingenious texting gloves, though, you can finally get the best of both worlds.  

Since most touchscreens are capacitive, and therefore react to anything with an electrical charge - including your body - these touchscreen gloves are able to bypass the issues of normal equivalents.

How? Well, the options we detail below all feature a metal wire interspersed between cloth fibres, which the electricity from your fingertips can travel down to reach the touchscreen. 

Just because these texting gloves are more functional than your current pair, however, doesn't necessarily mean they fit your style.

That's why we've compiled a varied list of a few picks to explore, whether you're looking for leather, acrylic, or something else.

Best texting gloves available to buy today

AchiouBest texting gloves: No need to hang up the gloves with these top picks photo 2

Achiou Knit Texting Gloves


When you think of a standard pair of gloves, chances are they look something like Achiou's offering. 

Available in six different colours, the soft acrylic knit features three touchscreen sections, located on your thumb, index finger, and middle finger. Anti-slip triangles on the palm also mean you get added grip when holding your phone.

As the design is fairly unisex and nondescript, this is the ideal pair for pretty much any occasion - whether you're exercising in the winter cold, driving, or shopping.

C.CBest texting gloves: No need to hang up the gloves with these top picks photo 3

C.C Unisex Texting Gloves


The great benefit of texting gloves is that they often don't look any different to regular options, and that's certainly true of C.C's pick.

The slip-on style is cuffed at the ends, with the soft acrylic able to stretch to fit most hand sizes. Touchscreen-ready tips also sit on the index fingers and thumbs, with a faux suede palm for added grip.

For those who are picky over colours, you're absolutely not short of options here. If anything, with over 125 to choose between, there's actually too much choice.

ElmaBest texting gloves: No need to hang up the gloves with these top picks photo 4

Elma Leather Texting Gloves


Texting gloves don't have to be acrylic, with this leather pick letting you add a touch of style while still remaining in touch with your phone. 

Made from soft leather, the cashmere lined gloves feature three tips, on the thumb, index and middle finger, that you can text from. 

Though they're not the cheapest pick on this list, they are still relatively affordable when it comes to leather options, and can easily pass as being from a luxury brand. Plus, you get the texting functionality - it's a win-win.

AlepoBest texting gloves: No need to hang up the gloves with these top picks photo 5

Alepo Winter Texting Gloves


Alepo's texting gloves are made from a non-inverted velvet to help you up the style, with a faux-button end adding something different to the other options on this list.

The touch screen sections are located on the top of the thumb and the index finger, with medium and large sizes and 18 different styles designed for women to pick between.

With a soft fleece lining packed in, as well, they can remain warm in winter and are ideal for any cold-weather occasion.

PangdaBest texting gloves: No need to hang up the gloves with these top picks photo 6

Pangda 12 Pairs Touchscreen Gloves


If you're the kind to lose your gloves within a few weeks - or you just have a large family to keep warm - Pangda's very basic texting gloves are ideal.

This 12-pack is available in a combination of different colours, but all are equipped with very handy touchscreen functionality in the thumb, index and middle fingers.

We'll concede they're not the most stylish gloves you can buy, but they're affordable, comfy and allow you to stay in touch with your phone like a magician.

Writing by Conor Allison.