Best iPhone tripods 2021: Give your smartphone a platform to stand and deliver expert shots

An excellent two-in-one that allows content creators to add a selfie stick and tripod to their arsenal. (image credit: UBeesize)
Never experience a dull moment with this tripod and ring light combination. (image credit: UBeesize)
Vloggers will find this portable and versatile tripod a dream to work with. (image credit: Linkcool)
This simple, standing tripod can act as a great way to get stable iPhone and DSLR shots. (image credit: Amazon)
A relatively lightweight standing tripod that gives you great versatility in which cameras you can mount. (image credit: Linkcool)
A well-built, flexible tripod that can act just as well as a selfie stick for vlogging. (image credit: UBeesize)
A budget-friendly octopus tripod that's great for capturing content on the move. (image credit: Rhodesy)

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