Best ethernet cables 2021: Start receiving a steady connection with these hardwire solutions

A seriously affordable ethernet cable that can still handle high speeds. 

(image credit: Amazon)

An ultrafast ethernet cable that's suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

(image credit: DBillionDa)

Link up your home the stylish way with this braided nylon, high-speed ethernet cable.

(image credit: DanYee)

One of the neatest cables to run around your home - and no slouch when it comes to delivering speed.

(image credit: Jadaol)

A short but sweet Cat-7 cable that's perfect for linking up a device near your router or modem.  

(image credit: Vandesail)

A very affordable ethernet cable that's perfect for those who need a bit of colour from their connector.

(image credit: Rhinocables)

A flat ethernet cable that's ideal for mounting - and one that even comes with the clips for the job.

(image credit: Jonifun)

A solid Cat-7 cable that's capable of delivering excellent transfer speeds between your router and device.

(image credit: Ugreen)

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