(Pocket-lint) - Having a top ethernet cable can transform your patchy internet connection from subpar to superb, letting you forego the frailties of Wi-Fi and receive a direct line from your router.

While Wi-Fi is the most convenient form of receiving a connection on your devices - be they games consoles, smart home tech, or computers - it does often face issues with conflicting signals in the air and can therefore be unstable. Having an ethernet cable run from your router or modem can help solve this issue, essentially creating a hardwired path for the internet to take to your device. 

However, with many of our gadgets sitting far away from the access point, even the ethernet cable solution presents its challenges. The easy part is figuring out the length you need the wire to be, but you'll have to know what your internet speed is, too, and find the corresponding Cat - which is short for 'Category', and unfortunately nothing to do with felines.

Generally speaking, the higher the Cat number, the more advanced the cable is and the higher speeds it'll be able to accommodate. As an example, if you have download speeds of roughly 10-20Mbps, anything that is Cat-5 or above will be just fine.

To help guide you through the wide web of wired internet connections, we've picked out some of the best you can buy. 

Choose from the top ethernet cables today


AmazonBasics Cat-6 Ethernet Cable


This AmazonBasics 14-foot Cat-6 cable is the ideal pick in most cases, transmitting data up to 1GB per second and supporting bandwidth transmission of up to 250MHz.

Simply, that's more than enough speed for most homes, allowing you to receive a more reliable connection when fed into an access point.

This model is also available in smaller lengths, as well as 25-foot and 50-foot options (for when you really need to run the wire around the house), and all are available for a relatively reasonable price.


DBillionDa Cat-8 Ethernet Cable


This Cat-8 cable represents overkill for most homes, but it's a solid pick for those who live in areas with lots of interference - and those who want to futureproof themselves.

The cable itself is able to support data transmission of 40GB per second, with the design also anti-corrosive, waterproof, and durable - even able to be buried for outdoor use. 

This model is 6-feet, but it's also available in 12 other variations, including one that runs 100-feet long.


DanYee Cat-7 Ethernet Cable


If you prefer the durability you usually get from braided nylon options, DanYee's Cat-7 cable is definitely one to consider. 

Not only will it avoid fraying, but it's also able to deliver seriously high speeds (up to 10GB per second) and support bandwidth transmission up to 600MHz. 

Like the other options on this list, this 10-feet cable is available in longer and shorter variations and also features the standard RJ45 fitting.


Jadaol Cat-6 Ethernet Cable


If you already know you want to run your ethernet cable around door frames, along skirting boards, and up the stairs, this 50-foot cable - bundled with 15 clips - is a top listing to consider.

The flat design of the Cat-6 cable allows it to sit seamlessly on walls, supporting up to 250MHz of bandwidth transmission and delivering up to 10GB per second of data.

This is a nice middle ground between the overkill nature of some ethernet cables and the Cat-5/Cat-5e models, which, sooner or later, will become outdated.


Vandesail Cat-7 Ethernet Cable


This high-speed Cat-7 ethernet cable may be small, but that makes it the best option for those who want to connect to a device that's near their access point.

So, if you have a PC or games console near your router, this should deliver excellent speeds - supporting bandwidth up to 1000MHz and data at speeds up to 10GB per second. 

It also features a flat design, which means it sits attractively when mounted to a wall.


Rhinocables Cat-5e Ethernet Cable


If you just want a really affordable ethernet cable that's able to deliver data speeds that are suitable for most homes, this Cat-5e Rhinocable offering is a solid pick. 

This 5-meter wire can serve up to 1GB per second of transfer, though there are sizes also varying between 12cm and 50 meters.

That allows you to tailor the wire for the job, with 11 colors also allowing you to match it to the wall's paint you're mounting on.


Jonifun Cat-7 Ethernet Cable


Another Cat-7 cable, but one that's definitely worth considering if you need a flat design for mounting - and, handily, it even comes bundled with clips to lock it around your skirting board.

Since it's on the more advanced end of the ethernet cable spectrum, you'll get support for 750MHz of bandwidth, and up to 10GB per second of data transfer.

That's more than enough for most homes, naturally, and will remain useable for a long time to come.


Ugreen Cat-7 Ethernet Cable


Ugreen has another Cat-7 cable for you to consider, and one that's available in a wide variety of lengths. 

Like others, it features a flat design, with the wiring inside helping to provide up to 600MHz transmission rate and up to 10GB per second of data transfer.

It's simple-looking, but it's an excellent way to ensure a solid connection between your access point and a device.

Writing by Conor Allison.